3 Unsolved Murder Mystery Docs to Binge Watch

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 8:40 PM, Nov 2, 2016

Missing the Netflix murder mystery sensation Making a Murderer? While you wait for season 2, Lindsey Granger three other must-see unsolved crime documentaries worth the binge watching.

1.  The Staircase

This eight hour documentary tells the story of crime novelist Michael Peterson who was arrested for the murder of his wife in 2001. You can check this mystery out on Sundance.

2.  The Imposter

This 99-minute crime mystery is the story of a boy who went missing in 1994 named Nicholas Barclay. His family thought they miraculously found him three years later, but the story gets crazy from there. You can check this one out on iTunes.

3.  The Jinx

The 6-episode HBO documentary steps into the mind of millionaire and alleged murderer Robert Durst. You won’t believe the twists and turns that go on in this one! Check The Jinx out on HBOGo.

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