3 Unusual Inventions That Raked in Millions of Dollars

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By: Orlando Morales | Teresa Strasser Posted: 9:55 AM, Jun 25, 2018 Updated: 2:35 PM, Jul 5, 2018

Recently, a man in Florida won a million dollars from a scratch-off game. We can’t all be that lucky, but there are plenty of stories of people who’ve made millions with odd products. So we rounded up some unusual products that raked in the big bucks.

1. Doggles

CNBC caught up with inventor Roni di Lullo, whose grand idea sparked when her border collie missed a frisbee throw. Roni thought the sun might have been to blame, so she invented Doggles. “It was just fun, and I hadn’t really thought of it as this is the product I’m gonna sell,” shares Roni. “It really was for fun, but once I did it, I realized oh, there is really a market for this.” PetSmart then ordered thousands of them, and they blew up. A few years ago, Doggles raked in over $3 million in sales. You go, girl!

2. Slinky

Up next is a gadget we’re all familiar with: the Slinky. Back in the 1940s, naval engineer Richard James accidentally dropped one of his designs, and when he saw it coil end-over-end, he had an aha! moment. Since then, the Slinky has sold over 300,000,000 units. The wonderful toy, that’s fun for a girl or a boy, has earned over $250 million in profit, and it’s still going!

3. Duck Commander

And the last unusual multi-million-dollar idea we’re loving is the Duck Commander. Years after Phil Robertson turned down a position in the NFL, he was dissatisfied with the duck calls that were on the market, so he created his own and a dynasty was born.

If you dream of being a millionaire, then these three stories should give you hope!

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