3 Valuable Tips to Avoid Annoying Recurring Charge Scams

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 4:02 PM, Nov 24, 2017

Ever look at your bank statement and discover a membership or subscription you didn't know you had? CreditCards.com’s Matt Schulz says their research shows it's a common problem. He’s sharing three valuable tips to avoid these charges with Jimmy Rhoades.

1.  Read the User Agreement

Nobody wants to take the time to read the fine print in these contracts so search those contracts for terms like "renewal."

2.  Keep Free Trials Free

A free trial can absolutely be a free trial if you handle your business correctly. Set yourself a reminder on your calendar for a few days before the subscription is supposed to run out. That way you'll be able to cancel that membership a few days before so you won't end up getting stuck with that cost.

3.  Be the Squeaky Wheel

The truth is that sometimes you won't get the money back, but be the squeaky wheel and keep asking for that rebate. If you don't ultimately get satisfaction it may end up requiring a lawyer.

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