3 Videos That Prove Adults Totally Need Recess

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By: Dave Taylor | Jared Cotter | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:47 PM, Nov 27, 2017

As grown-ups, we've got so many obligations to meet and places to rush to, that we can forget how much fun it is to have – well – fun! That's why Mark Gagnon from Mark Gagnon Comedy decided he was going to get some people in touch with their inner kids by building a giant ball pit in the middle of a big city. And before you scoff, you won't believe how quickly the diving adults turned from busy grown-ups to big kids at recess:

There's nothing like letting your inner child out for a bit, even during our busy grown-up lives. So, if you need some more motivation to have a little fun today, here are three more videos to remind you how great it can be to feel like a kid again, even while wearing your grown up pants.

1. Bringing Out the Big Guns

Need to let off some steam at work? Sure, you could have a conflict resolution meeting about it…or you could solve it with NERF guns. NERF battles help get the whole office moving, thanks to physical activity involved, and, there's no better way for a work team to bond than while fighting for their department's honor.

2. Letting Out Your Inner Toddler

Sure, now that we're the grown-ups, toddler antics aren't always so cute. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't feel good to tantrum once in a while…or stick a whole cake in your mouth.

3. Take "Snow" Prisoners

Who says snowball fights are just for kids? Let this video of a snowball fight that gets pretty real inspire your inner child to think bigger and better with your snow sculptures this winter.

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