3 Virtual Reality Experiences Taking Tech to the Next Level

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By: Todd Covelli | Segun Oduolowu Posted: 9:53 AM, Jul 20, 2018 Updated: 10:57 AM, Jul 20, 2018

We live in a world with crazy technology, which seems like it comes straight out of Hollywood. And some of it does…literally! Steven Spielberg’s smash hit Ready Player One, gives a glimpse of what’s possible with tech – and it’s going mainstream. The movie’s out next week on Blu-ray, so to celebrate we’re stepping out of the physical world and getting real with virtual reality.

1. Virtual Reality Skydiving 

We’ll jump right into it, with virtual reality skydiving at iFly in Scottsdale, Arizona. “It really allows people who are maybe a little hesitant to try skydiving to really immerse themselves in the experience,” says Nathan Roth, lead instructor at iFly. Once you learn the basics, you take the experience to new heights with the VR headset. Prices start at about $100 for two jumps and the VR experience. iFly has locations from coast to coast.


2. Velocity VR

Our second VR experience really takes it up a notch. Velocity VR actually puts you inside one of three high-tech, ultra-immersive videogames. Plus, you aren’t connected to any wires. Pricing starts at $40 per person for a 45-minute game. Velocity VR is available in Phoenix, Arizona, but it is coming to other major cities soon.


3. VR Junkies

Finally, VR Junkies has a new take on the arcade. “VR junkies is a virtual reality arcade. It’s a whole new concept in arcades,” says co-owner Chris Krakowski. “The game revolves around you now – whether shooting aliens, taking on zombies, [or] playing in an office.” And many are kid-friendly, like the popular Ready Player One games. Pricing starts at $27 per half hour, and they have 10 locations across the country.


Looking for some in-door fun this summer? Now you’ve got three ways to keep it real!


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