3 Ways Electric Bikes Can Help Shrink Your Waistline

There are currently 200 million electric bikes on the roads today – and that number is expected to grow by a lot in the next few years. Aside from looking really cool, these bikes could be helping you reach your fitness goals too! Fitness expert David Patania is giving you 3 big reasons you should be using e-bikes to trim some unwanted fat.

1. E-Bikes Can Zap Calories

If riding bikes is your preferred way to get cardio, e-bikes can help you go even further. You're still pedaling on an electric bike, just like you would on a regular one, so you're still burning calories and fat; but when you need to take a quick break, your bike can keep you going.

2. E-Bikes Work You Out, Without Extra Pain

The motors on electric bikes help make them an excellent form of low-impact exercise; they won't hurt your joints like running or other high impact exercises can. Some people who swear by exercising on e-bikes say that they hadn't biked in years before hopping on one, but it took no time for them to get back to riding – and feel good doing it!

3. E-Bikes Save You Cash

Did you know that e-bikes are cheaper to own and operate than a car? Getting one will not only help you work out, but help you save cash on gas, travel, and more. These rides feature rechargeable batteries and can give you up to 40 miles of power on a single charge – no gas station stops necessary.

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