3 ways Grandma’s stuff can make you money

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 11:10 PM, Aug 31, 2017

Are you still looking between the couch cushions for extra cash? Stop looking there and take a drive to Grandma's instead! From casserole dishes, to crystal ornaments, heck even to mason jars, your Grandma's old stuff could actually make you a fortune. Kristina Guerrero is showing you how you can cash in on Granny's give away bins.

1. Dish It Out

If your Grandma's done a lot of Pyrex casserole dish collecting, she could be sitting on a gold mine. Uniquely patterned Pyrexes with flowers and designs aren't as common as they used to be, which makes them incredibly valuable – say $100 or more valuable. And if Granny was more a fan of fancy colored Pyrexes like turquoise or gold, these are even more rare, meaning an even bigger chance at a big wad of cash for you.

2. Genie in a Jar

A Mason Jar that is. But not just any kind: specifically Ball brand mason jars. Know how valuable your mason jar is by looking into its serial number, printed on the bottom of the jar. Once you find it, type it into Google. When you search it, you'll discover when your Mason Jar was made. Jar styles form the 1920s can rake in up to $275! And you might get more if Grandma kept her Mason Jars' lids.

Learn more about how to date and value your jars here!

3. Grandma's Cookie Jars

If there's anything that's synonymous with Grandma's house – it's cookies! And Grandma's cookie jar could also be synonymous with a big payout, if she's got the right one. The most valuable jars are quirky Shawnee cookie jars, often shaped like whimsical animals or cookie-hungry children; and McCoy cookie jars, the most popular kinds being clown heads, birds, and baskets.

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