3 Ways That Ads Use Your Gender to Get Your Cash

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 12:25 AM, Dec 1, 2017

If you find yourself watching a commercial for a product and suddenly feel the need to buy it, you might have just been swindled by marketers' sneaky tricks. Advertisers play to how marketing research says your gender likes to be sold to. So, Jimmy Rhoades sat down with marketing expert Ali Craig to see just how marketers use your gender to get you to buy their stuff – and what you should look out for so you don't get duped.

1. The John Wayne Effect

This is how advertisers used to think – If you've ever watched any stand up comedian, ever, you'll know that it's commonly thought that dudes don't like to do a lot of talking. They want the facts, as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, marketers used to advertise to men with short phrases and strong images that dudes will process with ease.

When it came to women, though, who stand up comedians like to say have a lot of "emotions", advertising was about the story – how the product they're selling "knows how things go" in their lives and understands what they go through every day, emphasizing how their product "gets them" and believes what they believe.

2. The Feminization of Male Brands

Now that society is changing and we know that women sometimes don't like to talk and men sometimes want to hear how a product "gets" them too, marketing approaches are changing as well. Now, when marketing women-centric products that once had a lot of flowery messages, brands are, instead, using more direct language because female consumers are tired of the assumption that they need "fluff and feeling". Ads aimed at women still keep a bit of understanding fluff in there, but they don't whack ladies over the head with it via a bouquet of flowers and a lot of glitter anymore.

3. The Masculinization of Female Brands

On the flip side, brands are also figuring out that men and women's common interests don't have to be marketed in old fashioned ways. That's why you see men's fashion ads feature brawny dudes and see magazines with guys' favorite brawny celebs, donned in stylish threads. Advertisers are playing to the fact that men want to be suave and sophisticated too, but they might not want to pay for it, if it makes them seem "feminine". So, advertisers use those hulky heroes to show guys that it's cool to look good – and it's been working.

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