Encore Careers: 3 Ways to Change Your Career Path Later in Life

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By: Jared Cotter | Meredith Witthar Posted: 9:02 PM, Feb 22, 2018 Updated: 10:47 AM, Aug 13, 2018

Are you sick and tired of your job, or do you have a passion that you’re ready to turn into a career, or are you ready to retire, but not stop working? Then get ready to join the other 31 million Americans who are interested in making a career change. Jared Cotter is taking a closer look at people who are doing just that to show you how you can too.

1.  You’re Not Alone

It’s the only museum open to the public in the United States that is dedicated to espionage. The obvious place to have this is Washington, DC, there are more spies here than anywhere else in the country. You can run missions, climb through air ducts, and help the good guys unscramble a decrypted message. In order to see this stuff you would need to know someone who works for a spy agency — well here you don’t need that.

2.  Never Too Late

Barbara Chandler Allen was over sixty when she started her encore career. She and her son watched the public schools in Philadelphia losing all of their arts funding. They had lots of arts teachers, but they had nothing to buy art supplies with. They created Fresh Artists and put together a way that they could raise money to pour art supplies back into inner-city school’s classrooms.

3.  Do What You Love

For years Barbara was in arts management and worked at major art museums. She recognized that the arts were really important because of her previous work and she was able to take all of the threads from all of her careers over the years, and experience, and weave them into a new tapestry. That new tapestry has become very successful. They have donated more than $800,000 in art supplies and are a national organization.

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