3 ways to deal when you and your team break up

If you've moved away from your favorite NFL team or if your favorite team is one of the three moving to new cities, you might not be sure what to do next: Do you root for a new team? Do you root for a new city? If you're worried about what to do when you or your team packs their bags, Lindsey Granger and former Denver Bronco Terrance Knighton have three ways you can keep your football fandom card, and with no extra fees!

1. Enjoy Your Free Agency

Sure, the longer you're a fan of a team, the more attached you get to it. But in a new place or with your team in a new place, you can find a new team or city and see if it's one you can fall in love with. If you've ever been worried about being considered a "bandwagon fan", a new location for you or your players is the one time it's okay to jump ship.

2. Follow An Athlete

Even if a good player doesn't play for your team, you can still root for their glory; and if you and your diehard team end up in different states, you can always still follow certain athletes on that team! There's always a player blowing onto the scene, making fans excited to see them play each week. Plus, player jerseys are always in style and the more vintage their merchandise becomes, the more priceless they become, to you, or to auction websites…not that you'd ever want to part with such an important piece of clothing.

3. Jump Into the Fantasy

For some people, playing Fantasy Sports is like having a second career. No matter what your sport, you'll be able to find a fantasy league that pairs with it. Between checking on teams, players, and transaction news, you might just be too busy to even notice your old team. And if you still do, winning some money in a fantasy league might help that wound heal a little faster.

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