3 Ways to Do Good When Getting Rid of Old Clothes

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 6:14 PM, Oct 12, 2017

The average American tosses out 82 pounds of textile every year. What a waste! Lindsey Granger hit up her local Goodwill and talked with the VP of marketing, Courtney Nelson. She is sharing three things you can do with your clothes that can do some good and one way can even make you a little extra cash!

1.  Donate

Donate because you're giving new life, not only to someone right here in your community who needs an employment opportunity & needs to help their family, but you’re also making less of an impact on the environment. Nonprofit organizations like Goodwill hire people in local communities to sift through your clothes for quality check. Everything that can't be put out on the racks will be recycled.

2.  Recycle

You should still take everything to places like Goodwill and they will decide what gets recycled. That means all your unwearable clothing still should be donated. If it's not of high enough quality to go to sales floor, they still will either repurpose it or recycle it. Companies like Blue Jeans Go Green turn your old jeans into insulation. Retailers H&M, North Face and Levi even allow shoppers to bring in any brand of clothes and accessories for discounts on new purchases.

3.  Click and Consign

Sites like Poshmark, The Real Real and Tradesy all take in your used goods and offer sellers between 60-90 percent of the profit. That's almost double what you would make bringing it to your local consignment shop.

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