3 ways to energize your morning coffee routine

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By: Donna Ruko | Elyse Johnson Posted: 2:49 PM, Mar 2, 2017

For some of us, a cup of joe to start the day is an absolute must. But when mornings get hectic, we don’t have time to wait for our coffee to be ready for us. Wait no longer! Donna Ruko has got three gadgets to make your joe ready to go, iced, hot…on a strap? However you’d like it.

1.  Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

Craving an iced joe but don’t have the time to let your hot brew chill down? This cool cup gets your hot morning mug cold in seconds! Freeze the inner core overnight then pour your hot coffee or tea right in the container. Put the lid on and wait two minutes and your cup goes from hot to not in no time. You can chill out with the Zoku for about $30.

2.  Coffee Joulies

 Sometimes you do want your coffee nice and hot, but that doesn’t mean you want to burn your taste buds. Protect your tongue with Coffee Joulies. These stainless steel beans absorb the heat from your too hot coffee, cooling off your travel mug’s joe three times faster than a mug without them. The beans store the heat, then release it back into your coffee later to keep it at the right temperature for twice as long. Grab a pack of 5 of these Joulies for about $50.

3.  The Goat Coffee Mug

You’ve finally got your coffee the right temperature; you’re ready for work, but you’ve got your hands full, and can’t carry it out to the car! Don’t worry – the Goat Coffee Mug has got you covered – literally. The coffee cup attaches to a long or short leather strap so you can carry it over the shoulder or clip it on to your work bag. The drink sleeve doubles as a holder for the Viking style cone cup so you can rest it on any surface. Did we mention it’s sustainable, BPA free, and 100% leak proof? Because it is. The only down side? No goats included. You can grab the Goat Mug in two different sizes starting at about $30.

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