3 Ways to Kick Up Your Shoe Game

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Elyse Johnson Posted: 10:28 PM, Aug 22, 2016

Shoes aren't just for looks: they keep our feet warm, protected from the elements. Technology keeps advancing, but in the world of shoes, very little has changed until now! Bradley Hasemeyer has found three shoe brands that have stepped up the shoe game. 

1. + One From Shooz

This brand allows you to customize your shoes for your lifestyle. The soles interchange with different "skins." Simply take them from day to night, or from work to play with a zip. First, choose from a variety of soles that coordinate with whatever activity you have planned. Then connect the shoe's "skin" to the sole by zipping them together. You can create casual, sporty or dressy shoes. If your plans change, just switch the skin. Best of all, when you travel, they lay flat in your luggage. You can pre-order a sole/skin combo for $129. 

2. Zubits

If you hate tying your shoes, Zubits are the perfect solution. These little magnetic clips allow you to secure your laces without tying. Just measure how you want your shoes to feel, put the laces through the holes, knot your shoelaces on the side and cut off the excess. Zubits eliminate three rows of laces so there's a huge mouth opening to slide your foot in. You can get these for $20

3. Night Runners

If your shoes are really in the dark ages, light them up with shoe headlights. The Night Runner 270 will cost you $60, but if you walk or run after dark, being able to see the path and be visible to others is worth it!

Stop tiptoeing around and kick up your shoe game with fashionable and functional footwear and accessories!

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