3 ways to live a common life fit for the Queen of England

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jessica Robertson | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 9:13 PM, Aug 16, 2017

Just because you can't be the actual Queen of England, it doesn't mean you can't live it up like her! Queen Elizabeth II is 91 years old and while we might not have all of her secrets to longevity, Kristina Guerrero and Royals author/astrologist Penny Thornton are breaking down the ones we do know and how you can be queen (or king) for a day.

1. Banquettes on Banquettes

To live like a queen, you've got to party like a queen, which means throwing one heck of a banquette. Banquettes are often thrown to honor fellow visiting royals or dignitaries and feature the finest fares like poached fish, fancy cuts of meat and decadent desserts.

Live Like the Queen Tip: Throw your own banquette by inviting friends to come dressed as their favorite member of the Royal family, or like any of their favorite Royals. Then put out your favorite typical party foods on tables with pretty tablecloths and have everyone make drinks in fancy champagne flutes.

2. Par-tea!

In between all of her meetings and appearances, the Queen likes to take time to herself with Afternoon Tea. Perfect for the afternoon, loose leaf tea gives you an energy boost without giving you jitters like coffee will; and it comes with food! Those tea sandwiches and pastries might seem dainty, but they'll actually fill you up.

Live Like the Queen Tip: Get to know different kinds of loose leaf teas by learning about and tasting them. Then, pick up your favorite kind for yourself and make it when you need some time to relax. You can also find an Afternoon Tea house near you and get the full Afternoon Tea experience – tea, scones, and all.

3. Retire to your Quarters

When she isn't hosting banquettes and attending fancy dinners, the Queen is eating dinner at home in her beautiful private dining room. We can't all have digs like hers, but you don't need to repaint your dining room and get giant paintings to live like the Queen (although it wouldn't hurt…)

Live Like the Queen Tip: Give your room the royal treatment by starting small: Get a couple bouquets of flowers and put them in a row on your dining room table to add some visual interest. Also, look for small, but ornate vases or trinkets to place around the room to add a bit of class.

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