3 ways to live & eat like the French for a healthy life

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 4:52 PM, Jul 12, 2017

The French diet contains way more fat and way more saturated fat than the American diet, yet French people tend to have lower weight, lower blood pressure and lower instances of heart attacks. Lindsey Granger and Dr. Anthony Balduzzi have three ways to live and eat like the French for a healthy life.

1.  Cook From Scratch

Here in America we eat so much processed and fried foods.  In France, their cooking is more from scratch and very simple. Coup Des Tartes owner Ron Pacioni says avoid buying anything packaged and your meals will be authentically flavorful.

2.  Slim Down Your Portion Sizes

Here is the U.S. our portion sizes are at minimum 25% higher than the French. That equates to thousands of extra calories a year. The French don't sacrifice quality for quantity. They're not afraid of a full fat diet, meaning eating that brie.  The traditional French routine contains 4-5 small sit down meals a day and no eating on the go.

3.  Choose the Right Drink

Instead of a whole bottle of sweet red wine have one substantial glass of Bordeaux and if wine isn't your thing then try a French martini. This drink consists of vodka, raspberry liqueur, pineapple juice and French champagne.

Big thanks to Coup Des Tartes!

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