3 ways to lose weight without working out

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 4:38 PM, Mar 21, 2017

A new study from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey says that Americans are now 17 percent less likely to try to lose weight than they were in the ‘90s If you're stuck in a rut, Lindsey Granger and fitness coach Lindsay Hunt have three ways you can lose weight without working out.

1.  Drink Coffee or Green Tea

This trick works all day long. Try switching out your diet soda with tea or coffee because diet sodas actually can make you gain weight because they increase your appetite and they make you produce insulin in your stomach, which is a fat storing hormone.

2.  Wear Jeans

This goes for when you're sitting in the office all day. Being comfortable makes you want to move, when you're uncomfortable in a stiff pencil skirt or too tight of pants you really don't want to get up and walk around as much or walk as far.

3.  Cool Off

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine shows that taking a cold shower before bed every night for a year can take off around 9 pounds! This is a new study and the science is still new, but it is exciting. Another way to cool off is to turn down your room temperature. The Journal of Clinical Investigation found that if you keep your home at 64 degrees you could burn 250 calories every 3 hours.

3 Ways To Burn an extra 500 Calories At Work

1.  Eat lunch outdoors –take your lunch, go outside, get away from the office, all to your lunch and focus on what you're eating! It helps with distraction, so instead of sitting by your computer and being distracted in the office–you tend to eat more, so when you're focused on your lunch and away from your desk you tend to eat less.

2.  Second, pop a piece of mint or gum in your mouth after finishing your lunch.  Really, this help you from over-eating.  Once you have the taste of mint in your mouth you won't want to eat that office doughnut or office cookie laying around.

3.  Keep an emergency snack stash in your office. And I mean healthy snacks!  So stock up on nuts, fruit, healthy granola bars.  Maybe even some yogurt in you have a fridge or hummus and veggies.  

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