3 ways to make sense of love & sex using math

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 9:28 PM, May 4, 2017

Most of us want to have that special person in our life, but that also comes with a whole list of issues that can sometimes be hard to deal with. Of course the relationship between sex and love doesn't always add up, but Jimmy Rhoades has three ways to make better sense of it all using mathematics.

1.  Embrace Your Flaws

Having people think you’re ugly can work to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to show off your flaws and play up to what makes you different.

2.  Pick Your Perfect Partner

Most people should throw out the first 37 percent of their relationships. They’re likely not the one you’ll end up with. After you’ve dated the first 37 percent, marry the next person that’s better than anyone else you’ve dated. It’s not you, it’s math!

3.  Avoid Divorce

You can plug attributes of relationships and you can normally figure out the divorce rate average by about 90 percent. The most successful couples are the ones with the really low negativity threshold.

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