3 Ways to Make Your Soda Really Pop

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Posted: 5:26 PM, Oct 24, 2017

Funky Cold Medina, Rocky Mountain High, Ging and Juice, all sound like top forty hits from the past, but they're names of flavors of the latest craze in after-school treats: mixed sodas! Jared Cotter hit up Sodalicious to find out how to make your soda really pop.

1.  Crazy Flavor Creations

Places like Sodalicious are adding some funky flavors into their drinks to make them taste a little bit better than they did iin the '50s. They have a huge variety of syrups available to the combos are almost endless.

2.  Kids Can Be Kids

It's fun for teenagers to these soda shops and just hang out. Most have board games and stuff they can play while they're having a drink and eating a cookie. The best part is parents feel good about knowing where their kids are after school.

3.  Be Your Own Soda Jerk

Shops like Sodalicious will sell you the syrups in "party packs" so you can take the fun home. This is great for parties or even family night.

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The Jared – Banana, Butter Rum, Root Beer

Bananas are his favorite fruit, Butter Rum gives him a little touch of the Caribbean (his favorite set of islands and movie franchise), and Root Beer reminds him of his childhood.

The Kristina – Blue Curacao, Coconut, Sprite

Kristina enjoys a good Happy Hour; Blue Curacao flavored syrups is perfect to start with, and then follow up with coconut to give that tropical mixed drink feel. Kristina's personality is bright and bubbly, making Sprite the perfect soda for The Kristina.

The Teresa – Sugar-free Vanilla, Sugar-free Coffee, Diet Coke

Teresa is health conscious. She doesn't eat a lot of sugar, though she enjoys a nice treat. Sugar-free syrups and soda is the way to go for The Teresa. She's a ball of energy, so coffee and coke flavors is a perfect match.

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