3 Ways to Stay Cyber Savvy This Holiday Season

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 7:07 PM, Nov 15, 2017

November and December are when stores make their nut and they're not the only ones. It's also when the criminals make all their money because there are so many prime targets. According to Online Danger author Eric Cole, those prime targets all of us. Jimmy Rhoades is getting some important tips on how to stay cyber savvy this holiday season.

1.  Electronic Payment

When you put something in electronic form, it's very easy for somebody to steal. Make sure only one credit card is activated on the app. Then if you are breached they only have one of your cards, not all five of your cards. And only turn it on when you need it.

2.  Public Wi-Fi

Cellular networks are a lot more secure than public Wi-Fi and a lot more protected than wireless. When you're out and about during the holiday season, just turn off wireless and use the cellular network.

3.  Store Apps

A lot of the app development is done in Russia and that's where a lot of the cybercrime comes from. It's like a secret backdoor within the app. They play the skimming game. They do two or three dollars for each purchase. You'll go and buy an item for seventeen dollars, and they'll charge you nineteen. Those extra few bucks are routed to the bad guy.

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