3 Ways to Take Your Mind Off the Election

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By: Laurel Portie Posted: 3:03 PM, Nov 8, 2016

Is election night stressing you out? Put the luggage down and stop packing for Canada. Here are three things you can do to right now to chill the flip out.

1.  First things first, deep breaths. When you feel the anxiety monster rearing his orange skin head or a pant suited nightmare, just take 8 seconds and sync your breathing with this gif!

2.  Restore your faith in humanity. Look at kittens! Kittens are good and not for grabbing.

3.  Take a break from the news and turn on Netflix! Watch a roaring fire, a cool mountain stream or a relaxing aquarium.

GET THEM >> http://www.movies-net.com/aquarium-for-your-home-saltwater-reef/14118

Note: the Aquarium is actually in its second season so SPOILER ALERT! They introduce goldfish!

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