3 ways video games are getting a major boost of girl power

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 8:03 PM, Jul 19, 2017

Usually, when someone says the word "gamer", you might imagine dudes of different types huddled around a TV screen or their computers. But a new research poll shows that women are playing more video games than ever. Females are, literally, changing the game when it comes to video games in 3 major ways and Lindsey Granger is giving you a glimpse of the new wave of gaming girl power.

1. Half of All Gamers Are Women

Studies are showing that now, there are more female gamers than ever, thanks in part to women who broke the stigma of playing games on a professional level, like Hailee Atisuto and Alexa Shrvhoa – Seeing other women succeed in a male-dominated industry inspired other ladies to give gaming a try and end up enjoying it.

2. Some Lady Gamers Feel They Have to Hide Their Identity

Often times, women are just assumed to be guys when they play games online; and sometimes it feels easier to go along with it than mention you're a female and face harassment from any insensitive players.

As the community of lady gamers grows, more women feel comfortable saying who they are. And as more people show their real selves, other people feel like they can be themselves too.

3. Women Account for only 3% of Game Programmers

While many female gamers are excited that ladies are being represented on the creation level, more female programmers are needed. As representation goes up, so does the diversity of the people creating games. The more ideas and viewpoints being brought to the table, the better games can become and connect with people.

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