3 Ways You Can Get Paid to Drink Craft Beer!

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 6:48 PM, Nov 8, 2017

The craft beer industry has become more and more popular the last decade and isn't slowing down anytime soon thanks to millions of fanatics. If you share this passion and love drinking a cold one, then why not get paid doing it? Jared Cotter has three ways to make some cash while catching a buzz.

1.  Secret Hopper

This is a mystery shopper and consulting company that helps breweries make the costumer service experience the best it can be by sending in secret hoppers. They can make around $20 per job plus expenses. You can learn more HERE!

2.  Become a Cicerone Certified Beer Server

There are four Cicerone levels and the "Beer Server" is the first. You can take an online test and it covers a wide range of beer knowledge. Being certified is one of the first things most bars will look for. Once you get hired those tips should come flowing in.

3.  Work at a Home Brew Shop

At a home brew supply shop you'll come in contact with everyone from casual beer fans, to full blown fanatics. They even have a huge convention every year. Earn some cash teaching the art of beer, but the studying is the best part. Cheers!

Big thanks to Four Peaks Brewing Company!

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