3 Ways You Can Get Your Home an A+ in Smart Tech

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 10:22 PM, Dec 8, 2017

Everywhere you turn, people are upgrading their homes from average to intuitive and intelligent with the help of the smart tech gadgets. If you're looking to turn your place into a smart tech paradise by 2018, but don't know where to start, Jared Cotter's giving you the lowdown on 3 essential smart gadgets you should grab to earn your home an A+ in smart tech.

1. Flic

Start your home's smart tech semester with the Flic. Now, you can control your home's lights and appliances – literally – with the press of a button. Once you grab your Flic, you can connect it to your smartphone, and program it to do whatever you want it to – turn on the TV, get your favorite tunes playing in your home or in your car – it can even help you find your phone if you lose it between the couch cushions! – anything!

You can get a Flic for your home by picking it up here for around $35. And bonus – if you buy 3 Flic buttons for your home, you'll get another button – for free! How's that for extra credit?

2. The Anyware Smart Adaptor

The Anyware Smart Adaptor is considered to be the world's smartest lamp socket adapter that turns any light in your home into a smart lamp you can control from your smartphone. Along with helping you control and dim the lights in your home, you can also schedule certain settings for your Anyware for all of your home needs.

You can tell it what time your home is empty every day and it'll kick on its preventative burglar control lights at those times to make it look like you're home. Tell it when you're going on vacation, and it'll keep your home at a certain temperature until you get back – anything you'd need to do yourself for your home, the Anyware can do for you. You can pick up the Anyware adaptor here for around $75.

3. Hayo

This gadget is like the graduate class of smart home tech. Hayo lets you control your home's lights and appliances, without needing your smartphone after set up for the most futuristic way to get things done around the house. You can make any object in your home a smart button, and turn on the tv, your stereo, and more, just by touching that object.

All you've got to do is place the Hayo in a room where you want to set up virtual controls. The Hayo will scan your room, and create a 3D map of everything in the room. Then, you can use Hayo to choose items in the room that you want to touch to make things happen, and connect those items to your home's appliances. Once your virtual control is set, you're ready to go, and start blowing your friends' minds with your new high tech home. Pick up the futuristic Hayo here for around $280.

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