3 Ways YouTuber Jenna Marbles Rocks 100 Layers of Makeup

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Posted: 1:13 AM, Jul 26, 2016

The 100 layer challenge is a strange beauty trend that started with nail polish, then moved to lipstick. This hot trend is literally what it sounds like. Putting on 100 layers of beauty products! YouTube star, Jenna Marbles, decided to take it to the next level and do the 100 layer challenge using makeup, nail polish, spray tan, and more! This video might freak you out a bit, but it will also have rolling on the floor with laughter.

Check out the above video to see "Jenna Marbles Ultimate 100 Coats of Thing."

Three ways YouTube celebrity, Jenna Marbles, rocks the 100 layers challenge:

1.  Her On Fleek Nails

2.  Her Pool Party Ready Tan

3.  Her Ravishing Layers of Beauty

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