3 web headlines proving technology has gone too far

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By: Jared Cotter | Kristina Guerrero | Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:25 PM, Aug 8, 2017

We owe a lot to tech advancements: cell phone storage, AI robots that do what we say, the Zune; but with all the progress man and technology make, the more ambitious we get – Can we go too far? Jared Cotter and Kristina Guerrero delve into the sci-fi stuff trending online this week, from microchipped humans, to becoming zombies, and even new strange foods.

1. Microchips for Chips

One vending company in Wisconsin has implanted its employees with microchips. They say its because the chips can be used in place of badges and credit cards and vending machines. And they say the microchips have no GPS capability…

But just because you can pay for chips by high-fiving the vending machine, does it really mean that you need to? When did we get too good for carrying debit cards? What will we stop carrying next? Cash?

2. Phone Zombies

We've become so attached to our high-tech phones that one state has actually starting fining people for texting while walking.

You'd think most would have the sense to text on the sidewalk or pay attention to crosswalks; but when we keep making phones with screens as big as desktop computers, how can you blame someone for watching Sportscenter instead of looking before crossing the street?

Wait, how did I get on this soap box…?

3. Orange You Glad We Brought Wine?

Perhaps the most brazen attempt at technology preliminarily changing an already good thing, a new wine is trending across the globe…because it's orange. Orange wine!

You might be skeptical at first, several reviews give the hued beverage more than a thumbs up – check them out for yourself here at ExoticWineTravel.com's site, under "Croatian wine reviews". And check out more of their reviews on their YouTube channel!

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