3 Weird Health Effects Caused by Daylight Savings

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Posted: 8:10 PM, Nov 7, 2016

A lot of us are feeling kind of cuckoo right now, since – unless you're in Arizona or Hawaii, you moved the clocks back an hour over the weekend. The added hour sounds nice, but the time change comes with the cost of early evening darkness, which can bring on sleepiness in the afternoon while at work or commuting home, and that's just the start of the side effects.

Here are three weird effects caused by daylight savings:

1.  Less Work

Productivity goes way down after the time change. This has been associated to the lack of sleep leading to less motivation and more surfing the web, and less actual work. Drink a stiff cup of coffee and stay excited about what you're doing.

2.  Restless

Getting up an hour earlier for work disrupts your body clock and that can make it harder to sleep at night even though you're tired. Try eating a healthy breakfast to help kick-start your day.

3.  More Sadness

The sun goes down earlier and this causes a rise in sadness. So you're not just feeling the winter blues — this is a form of depression. Keep that in mind if you're feeling down and keep those positive thoughts flowing. Don't worry, be happy!

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