3 weird new rides you’re about to see on the internet

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By: Teresa Strasser | Jessica Robertson | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 8:44 PM, Aug 22, 2017

If you were the last person to hear about the self-balancing hoverboard trend a year ago, you won't be missing the next transportation craze coming this year. Teresa Strasser is taking a look at 3 new rides you're bound to see on social media in the near future, probably being owned by famous people, and hopefully, not catching fire…

1. The Movpak

For those of us that hate having to hold our boards when ordering a mocha frapp at Starbucks, thankfully, there's now the Movpak. The board can collapse on itself, and even comes with a handy backpack for you to store it in for the 7 minutes it takes to make you a coffee drink.

While the Movpak might help you say goodbye to your board-holding troubles, it might also help you say hello to some money troubles; technology like this isn't cheap and pre-ordering the Movpak will cost you around $1200.

2. The Solowheel Iota

The creator of the hoverboard is back with a new sequel: The Solowheel Iota. With wheels in the middle of the of the machine, this mini ride is supposedly easier to maneuver than other competitors. And the ride is bluetooth capable – so you can cruise down the street, playing your coolest theme song out loud – we can't guarantee, however, that you'll look any cooler doing so.

And while you can't put a price on cool, you can put a price on this ride: Pre-order it for $595.

3. The Eon Scooter

If you never understood why there wasn't a motorized scooter made for adult scooting enthusiasts, have we got a dream ride for you. Check out the Eon Scooter, considered by some to be "the Tesla of electric scooters"…

The ride does have some impressive perks, especially if you're a scooting enthusiast with places to be. The ride reaches a top speed of 45 MPH and has a motor that will tackle any hill rolling in your way. And you can stand or sit on this scooter – twice the scooting options, without the extra effort!

Be the envy of your scooter club by pre-ordering this ride for around $1500; it is one of the lowest priced electric scooter in its class, by the way…

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