3 Weird Ways People Are Planning for their Deaths

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By: Orlando Morales | Teresa Strasser Posted: 12:16 AM, Mar 7, 2018

Death can be hard to think about – but it is being talked about! Not only are people confronting death, but they’ve started planning for it in many interesting ways. Read on to learn about three unique ways people are coordinating for their deaths.


1. Death Café

A death cafe is a safe place for people to gather and talk about death and dying. “People tend to give really positive feedback about coming to a death café,” says Jon Underwood, the café’s founder. “They tend to enjoy it and rate the experience very highly.” Although not everyone's cup of tea, death cafes help lessen discomfort and even fear. “We don't have any answers and we're not proposing any solutions,” says Jon, “[but] we're very respectful of people's beliefs and opinions.”


2. Death Doula

If one-on-one convos about six feet under are more appealing, a death doula will do just that. A death doula comforts and accompanies patients in the last hours, days, or even years of their lives. Doula volunteers train in empathy and compassion—and leave medical stuff to the doctors.


3. Infinity Burial Suit

Finally, your body can give back to the earth – if and when it returns to the earth, too. The Infinity Burial Project by Coeio is a burial body suit that naturally assists in decomposition. “It's covered with a crocheted netting that is imbedded with mushroom spores,” explains Coeio’s Founder Jae Rhim Lee. These spores gobble up toxins and leave clean compost. So basically, you clean up after yourself when you're gone!


Accepting death isn't easy, but talking about it ain't so bad.


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