3 Winning Formulas to Find Love Using Math

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 4:42 PM, Feb 9, 2017

Love is chaos. Math is order. And in an excellent TED Talk, mathematician and author Hannah Fry says you can make sense of love using math. Jimmy Rhoades has three winning formulas to find love using Hannah’s insights.

1.  Embrace Your Flaws

Having people think that you're ugly can work to your advantage. A statistical analysis of the dating site OK Cupid found that the more men disagree about a woman's looks — counted with votes — the more messages she actually got. So the lesson of math is: Don't post that doctored picture that minimizes your flaws. You should really, instead, play up to whatever it is that makes you different even if you think some people will find it unattractive.

2.  Pick Your Perfect Partner

This method doesn't give you a 100 percent success rate, but there's no other possible strategy that can do any better. The formula makes the assumption that you start dating at age 15, and want to be married by 35. The math says that no matter what, throw out the first 37 percent of people you date. Then marry the next person who is better than anyone you dated to that point. So "Ms. Right" is actually "Ms. Better-Than-the-First-37%." Don't include that in the vows.

3.  Avoid Divorce

Plug measured attributes of husbands and wives into this formula and you can mathematically predict divorce with 90 percent accuracy. The key part of the equation measured a couple's negativity threshold. The most successful couples are the ones with a really low negativity threshold. This is unintuitive, but it means successful couples express annoyance with one another more frequently. These are the couples that continually are trying to repair their own relationship.

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