3 winning secrets of champion athletes

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By: Jared Cotter | Elyse Johnson Posted: 9:31 PM, Jul 26, 2017

The best athletes in the world all have one thing in common and that is philosophies that help them get to the top. You don't have to have that multimillion dollar sports contract to use the same concept. Author and self-empowerment expert Howard Falco says the same strategies can get you to the top of your career. He’s sharing these winning tips with Jared Cotter.

1.  Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a great example of not letting any drama be a distraction. One of Serena’s biggest role models her whole life has been her older sister Venus and she's always looked up to her inspiration for her own path. You can use this strategy too. Find a career mentor and you can achieve your goal faster. One thing about having a role model is that you can learn from all the positive things that they've accomplished and also learn from the mistakes that they've made so you can shorten your own time frame on accomplishing what you want.

2.  Kobe Bryant

Kobe used failure to fuel him and always sought for perfection. What athletes know is that there is always another opportunity and that's what we can each take into our own lives to realize it doesn't matter what's happened in the past. All that matters is who you chose to be in this moment.

3.  Tom Brady

He is the first quarterback in NFL history to win five Super Bowl Championships. The thing about Tom Brady is that he lets his talking work through his actions and his results. He's not a man of many words/. He's not a talker, he’s a doer. In your career, set goals, execute on them daily and like Tom, don't let DeflateGate or any negativity get in your way.

One of the great attributes to being a great athlete is to realize that life is a bunch of ups and downs. The quicker you accept the downs and you believe in yourself, the quicker you'll be out of the slump and back to peak performance.

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