3 wonder kids you’ll be looking up to

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 4:52 PM, Apr 4, 2017

Paula Poundstone once said that, "Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they're looking for ideas." Sometimes it's kids that lead the way in making the world a better place, like 7 year old Ryan Hickman is as he takes recycling to a whole different level:

This kid has got a bigger savings account than we do! Ryan has been recycling since he was 3 years old when he went recycling with his father for the first time. Eventually, he became super into it, and is now the owner of Ryan's Recycling Company. Talk about a wunderkind!

If you're inspired to be a better person by watching someone 1/3 your age take awesome strides for a greater cause, keep the inspiration going by watching these other three kids kicking butt and taking juice boxes in every walk of life from helping others to tackling obstacles, brought to you by 60 Second Docs.

1. Sky Brown, Skater Pro

This skater girl made a long journey with her parents and little brother to live out her skateboarding dreams. She may only be 8, but she's competing against adults in skating competitions and shaking up the boarding world.

2. Kid Climber

At 13, Tyler Armstrong has climbed Kilimanjaro, Mount Elbrus, and Mount Aconcagua. Now he has his sights set on Mount Everest, all to raise money and awareness for a good cause.

3. Wakeboard Girl

Kaitlyn "Koko" Adams first jumped into water sports when she was 5 years old. Now a pre-teen, she's a national champion in wakeboarding and snowboarding. The secret to her success? "Never give up."

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