3 Yo-Yo Videos on YouTube Blowing Our Minds

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 10:25 PM, Oct 24, 2017

Most of us grew up playing with a yo-yo, that spool attached to a string, but some people aren't treating this fun invention as a toy. They practice hours each day to master their yo-yoing skills. Here are three yo-yo trick videos on YouTube that are blowing our minds.

1,  Evan Nagao – NYYC 2017 1A Finals 1st Place

2.  YoYo Kid – World's Best YoYo Champion

3.  No Strings Attached – Craziest Yo-Yo EVER!

Big thanks to National Yo-Yo League and National Yo-Yo Contest!

What's your favorite yo-yo trick, that you can actually do? Join the conversation!