4 Animal Stunts You Only See at the Oregon Zoo

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Dave Taylor Posted: 11:00 PM, Dec 11, 2017

Love watching animals be themselves in the cutest – and coolest – ways? Then you've got to plan a visit to the Oregon Zoo. The zoo is considered to be at the forefront of animal care, conservation, and wildlife education; but, to the animals, it's a playground of fun at every turn. No animal knows that better than Lily, the Asian Elephant Calf, that gets to bob for tasty apples on her side of the zoo:

But she's not the only animal at the zoo that gets to have a good time with creative tricks and treats from their handlers. Check out these other three videos of some of the Oregon Zoo's animals getting spoiled in the best ways by the handlers that love them – to adorable, and viral, results.

1. Leaping Lions Kitty Toy

No matter how large they get, or what savanna or living room they roam, cats will always be cats – and are always ready to play. But you can't just bring in any old cat toy into a lion's den. That's why the Oregon Zoo created the "Leaping Lion Toy" to help mentally stimulate their big cats, and get a couple giggles and "awws" out of it too.

2. Sea Otter Hoop Dreams

If you're playing a pick-up game of basketball at the Oregon Zoo, you might want to ask Eddie the Sea Otter to be on your team. To help Eddie exercise his arthritic elbows, the zoo created a little hoop for him to stretch and reach for. But even they didn't expect the otter to be a b-ball phenom!

3. A Wolf Eel on the Nice List

The animals at the Oregon Zoo are so loved by their handlers that, this year, the zoo called Santa to come make a few house calls, or in this case, tank calls. In this adorable video, Blanche the Wolf Eel gets a surprise visit from Santa, as reward for being a good little eel, all year long.

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