4 big party vids to take you back to high school

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By: Frenchie Aguilh | Dave Taylor Posted: 6:10 PM, May 17, 2017

Did you always want a Sweet 16 party but your parents said they already paid thousands of dollars on your braces and a party would be too expensive so you couldn't have one? No? Just me? Totally fine. Maybe you didn't get a big party for a different reason, but no matter why you never got the Sweet 16 party you wanted, or if your party was so awesome that you want to relive it, get a second chance by riding the New York Subway! No, really! These train riders got the party of a lifetime, thanks to some celebratory friends at Improv Everywhere:

Hey, if there's anywhere to party it up like a Sweet 16 Prince or Princess, New York City would be it. Even if it's just on the subway. But then again, Improv Everywhere can get the party started just about anywhere. If this Sweet 16 video has your inner 16 diva wanting "MORE, MOM!' check out these other 3 viral Sweet 16 vids to make you dance, laugh, and demand someone buy you a Lexus.

1. Dancing with the Sweet 16 Stars

Who says Sweet 16 court dances have to be stuffy and ball gown-y? Watch this Sweet 16 star and her partner dance like they're on Dancing With The Stars. They make my dance moves look like moves a toddler at a wedding would have – and I'm an actual adult person!

2. Sweet 21-teen

It's 2017! Sweet 16s don't have to be just for teens anymore! See what happens when grown ups join the party with this Sweet 21st birthday dance that breaks all the right rules.

3. Poofy Dresses + Running =

At the end of the day, if there's anything searching through viral Sweet 16 videos has taught me, it's to make sure your dress can stand up to your planned party activities, especially if one of those activities is running…


Did you know that actress Jennifer Lawrence was once a My Super Sweet 16 star? Not on the show, but in their pretty funny promos. Check out one of her earliest acting roles as a Sweet 16 princess:

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