4 bonkers contests you can enter for a prize

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 11:14 PM, Apr 18, 2017

The Kiss-A-Kia contest in Austin, Texas is still going strong. As of 9:30 am on Tuesday, the contest was down to 11 contestants smooching a brand new Kia Optima in the hopes of taking it home. But if you think this is the craziest thing anyone's done for a contest prize, think again. We found three other weird contests (plus one bonus weird "test") that people rolled, carried, and kicked their way to winning.

1. North American Wife Carrying Championship

Talk about marriage built on trust – trusting that your husband won't drop you! This contest pits couples against each other as husbands run through a 278 yard obstacle course featuring log hurdles, sand traps, and water obstacles, all while *actually carrying* their wives on their shoulders, often with the popular "Estonian grip". That's where wives hold onto their husbands' waists while wrapping their legs around his neck.

Not for nothing, though: the winning couple takes home the wife's weight in Goose Island Oktoberfest beer, five times her weight in cash and an entry into the World Championship. Anyone want to carry me for that kind of money?

2. The Cotswold Olimpick Sport of Shin Kicking

The Cotswold Olimpick Games are based on an old tradition from around 1622, where not just athletes competed, but anyone could, to get the townspeople in the Cotswolds of England excited about exercise. But when you want anyone to be able to compete, you've got to think of events that people who might not be incredible athlets can be good at…enter the event of Shin Kicking. It sounds crazy, but shin kicking is a tactic used in Cotswold wrestling, aiming to trip an opponent through "underplay". But now the event is kind of just about kicking shins.

The rules? You must wear long trousers. You can cushion your shins with straw. You cannot wear steel to shoes (ouch). Each Kicking Contest is decided on the best of three kicks – two successful kicks by one opponent wins, then they are entered into the tourney. The prize? A sweet silver trophy and maybe some cash. Plus the pride of having toes of steel.

3. Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

Probably the best known crazy contest, Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake pits competitors, and their bodies, against each other as they roll down Cooper's Hill in England after a literal wheel of cheese in hopes of catching it. Some say the contest started over grazing rights or that it has pagan origins, once believed to be a encourage the fruits of the harvest. But whatever the reason, year after year, more and more people come from across the globe to roll down over 200 yards of a hill at speeds up to 70mph in hopes of catching a wheel of cheese. You could get prize money depending on how much is collected for it, but sometimes, after all that work, just getting to take the cheese home with no broken bones is your prize. And you should be grate-ful….get it?

* Bonus!:  A Stare For A Job

At the NFL Combine, prospective players get a chance to be picked by professional teams and live their dreams out on the field. But to get to the field, you sometimes have to get through the weird things coaching staff members might ask you, like the team that asked prospect Jordan Morgan how long he could have his eyes open in a staring contest. "I thought it was weird," Morgan said, "but it's one of those things you don't question on the spot." So when asked to hold his eyes open, Morgan did. For a whole minute. And he might get a job for it. So there's that.

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