4 Companies Delivering Thanksgiving to Your Door

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 10:06 PM, Nov 14, 2017

Thanksgiving is almost here, but who wants to spend all day slaving over a stove? We're saving you from that by getting your Turkey Day delivered. Kristina Guerrero has three options that will make this feasting holiday more enjoyable.

1.  Martha & Marley Spoon

Don't you wish Martha Stewart could be in your kitchen? Now she can with our first delivery option. You can get a complete feast box with everything you need to cook a turkey, gravy, four sides and one dessert for $159.99.

2.  Boston Market

There are a few dinners to choose from including a complete meal for twelve for $119.99 and a meal for four to six for $99.99. It's all pre-cooked so you just heat and serve.

3.  The PieCaken

Back in 2015 Chef Zac Young created The PieCaken, a pecan pie topped with a pumpkin pie, topped with a buttermilk spice cake and then finished with apple pie filling. You can order it online for $75.

4.  Minibar App

Don't stop the party for a beer run, let the beer run come to you with the Minibar app. Set your location and order booze from a liquor store near you. Delivery fees and minimum order prices vary.

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