4 Creative Ways to Eat For Free This Holiday Season

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By: Jessica Robertson Posted: 3:22 PM, Nov 16, 2016

The holiday season means you’re not just spending more money on gifts — you’re also dishing out more cash on food! Kristina Guerrero and Rather Be Shopping’s Kyle James have four creative ways to eat for free.

1.  Mystery Shopping

Survey companies will not only pay you back for eating at certain restaurants some will actually pay you for it on top of that! What do they want in exchange? The company is going to ask you to fill out a report. Could be the cleanliness, could be the quality of the food. Just know that companies that want your credit card information or ask you to pay fees are probably a scam. Stick with the legit companies like Pinnacle and Sinclair. They've been around for years.

2.  Community Gardens

Community gardens are places where folks will rent out some space and people will produce their own gardens. It’s not uncommon to produce more than they can use and the community farmers are happy to give away fresh fruits and veggies. Reach out to the community gardens themselves. In many cases they have Facebook pages.

3.  Take the Survey

Don’t ignore the survey at the bottom of the restaurant receipt. By filling it out you'll get loaded with cool, free stuff. It could be a free appetizer on your next visit, or a free dessert, or a flat coupon to help with your order total.

4.  Kids Eat For Free

Many restaurants have days of the week when your child can dine for free. From ice cream shops to pizza joints, usually all you need to do is buy an adult meal. Be sure to call ahead just in case, cause it could vary location to location.

All the Restaurants Where Kids Eats for Free!

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