4 cute animals showing scary objects who’s boss

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 9:44 PM, Apr 18, 2017

Sometimes things get tough and you've got to stand up for yourself; but when it comes time to say what you mean and feel you might end up feeling nervous or that you won't be able to put your foot down and be taken seriously. We know how great you are so we don't want you to take any nonsense from anyone! So the next time you need some confrontation inspiration, channel this super tough, super scary, super adorable red panda taking on an opponent you might not expect, as caught by this savvy visitor at the Himeji Central Park in Japan:

See? This panda didn't care what kind of rock his opponent was: igneous, sedimentary – didn't matter. He picked himself up, got as big as he possibly could, and showed that rock he would not be bested! That rock won't come trying to mess with the top panda ever again – he knows what's up. So even if you're cute, cuddly, and fluffy like our friend the panda, you can still stand up for yourself and show your opposition who's boss.

Not enough motivation for you? Don't worry – we've got four more super brave animals showing their foes a thing or two, and while you might not be standing up to a garden hose or a drone, the principle is still the same: believe in your ability to be cute and ferocious, and no one will want to mess with you.

1. Chimps v. Mirrors

The lesson we learn from these chimps is that it doesn't matter how long it takes, if you've got to dance around it or run right at it, if you believe you've got to stand up for yourself, you can't ever give up. Even when your foe comes at you with a tree branch. Run away and then come right back!

2. Bert The Cat v. The Balloon

Is someone at work trying to take credit for something you did? Or did someone steal one of your ideas and got all the credit? Don't let an imposter fool your coworkers! You pull a Bert and give that imposter a piece of your mind! Well maybe don't smack them like Bert, but you know, figuratively give them a piece of your mind.

3. Dog v. Garden Hose

Sometimes you've got to stand up for your friends along with standing up for yourself. Just make sure, when you do stand up for them, that you don't chase them with their problem afterwards.

4. Geese v. Drone

Sometimes your friends are your power when it comes to sticking it to someone. Find your friends, plot about how you'll take care of your foe, then use the element of surprise. Your foe won't mess with you guys after that.

Which one of these tough, brave animals are you when it comes to getting in an altercation: Red Panda, Garden Hose Dog, Bert the Cat? Share your spirit animal with us on our Facebook page, @TheListShowTV.