4 Dirty Secrets Hiding on Airplanes & What You Can Do

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 6:44 PM, Oct 24, 2017

As we get deeper in to fall more and more of us are arranging our holiday air travel. Lindsey Granger met up with the Queen of Clean, Linda Cobb. She’s uncovering the dirty secrets on airplanes and showing us how to clean them up.

1.  Disinfect Everything

The first thing you should do is clean your area with a wet wipe. You're going to sanitize the seat pocket if you have one, you're going to sanitize the shade because people pull it up and down all-day long. It's also important to wipe down your belt buckle and headrest.

2.  Open the Vents

Everyone thinks you shouldn't turn them on, but you should. When they're running the plane is filtering air and it gets out 99 percent of germs. It's a great thing to do but first clean them off before you do.

3.  Avoid the Aisle

This is the dirtiest spot on the plane. When we walk through the plane we all put our hands on the aisle seat for balance. Wipe the aisle seat down before sitting in it because aside from hands, the bottoms of luggage are often plopped on aisle seats.

4.  Properly Handle the Handles

After using the airplane bathroom grab your paper towel, dry your hands and you'll open the door using your paper towel. Then step out, drop the towel back in and then a little sleight of hand with your elbow. While airlines are doing their best to keep things tidy we can all stay healthier by doing our part.

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