4 Essential Reasons to Book with a Travel Agent

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 2:36 PM, Jan 19, 2017

After years of becoming almost obsolete, travel agents are making a comeback. In fact, business has gone up 14 percent in the in the last three years according to the CEO of the American Society of Travel Agents, Zane Kerby. He’s sharing four valuable reasons to consider using an agent with Lindsey Granger.

1.  Save Money

When you're dealing with someone who cares about you and someone who works on your behalf, they can mitigate costs for you. Some charge fees and some don't, but remember that a lot of the remuneration that a travel agent earns is on the supplier side.

2.  Save Time

Time is money whenever you're spending your time planning your travel, or looking around for the best deal you’re wasting valuable time. Travel agents know those things already and can help you find the best thing for you. People on average spend about three hours and visit about 27 websites in the planning or dreaming phase. Why not let someone else do it?

3.  Personal Relationships

Travel agents her relationships with that cruise line, with that tour operator, with that airline — suppliers don't want to upset travel agents and they know that when they do, they're jeopardizing future business. They can also score some exclusive incentives for you like free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, late checkouts, free dinners and more.

4.  Emergency Contact

The world is a big place, especially when you go somewhere new and it can get overwhelming. In case a misadventure does happen, you have that security blanket — that person to call that not only knows you and knows where you are, but knows how to get help and how to get you home.

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