4 Fabulous Ways to Rock the Hot Cowboy Trend

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By: Donna Ruko | Elyse Johnson Posted: 8:37 PM, Nov 23, 2016

The cowboy look has always been hot, but Lady Gaga is making it even hotter. If you’re looking to stay on trend, Donna Ruko and fashion expert Elyse Johnson have four looks that will have you looking fabulous in your western wear.

1.  Plaid Shirt

This is by far the biggest trend of fall. You can pick up a plaid shirt at most retail stores.

2.  Belts

While a traditional western buckle would be larger and have sparkles, the trend now is to have the same shape, only smaller.

3.  Booties

Go for a fancy stitch pattern, but ditch the spurs.

4.  Hat

You can’t rock the cowboy look without a cowboy hat. The best part is you can find them at almost every retailer this fall.

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