4 Gold Medal Health Tips from Mary Lou Retton

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Dave Taylor Posted: 6:39 PM, Aug 19, 2016

We’re all proud of and inspired by our U.S. Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team, and like the “Final Five,” we were in complete awe when Mary Lou Retton won her first ever gold medal for America back in 1984. She’s gone from golden child, to mom of four, and she's heading up a campaign called "Dear Future Me." She gave Bradley Hasemeyer a list of things you can do right now, that will benefit your future self.

1.  Exercise

You have to have an exercise program, even if it's out there walking, get out there and get moving.

2.  Eat Well

Try to eat healthy foods, nothing processed, good lean proteins, vegetables, but also have a splurge day so you don’t' feel deprived.

3.  Take Your Vitamins

Mary is a big believer you've got to take your vitamins daily. It was important when she was an athlete, and it’s even more so now.

4.  Stretch

For those people out there who despise stretching, so does Mary Lou Retton. Just get it over with each day and your body will thank you.

Those are Mary Lou Retton's gold-medal worthy health tips that your future self will thank you for.

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