4 Grocery Store Hacks That Can Save You Hundreds

You go to the supermarket armed with coupons and money-saving apps, but Jimmy Rhoades says one of the best ways to save money on groceries is to change the way you shop. He’s talking with consumer expert Lisa Lee Freeman to get four grocery hacks that can save hundreds of dollars each year.

1.  Change Up Your Shopping List

You only want to buy the groceries that are on sale that week. Apps such as Flip or Shopular, or even the old-school paper fliers will have sales you should stock up on.

2.  Don't Buy Singles

A lot of people want to pick their own apples or onions and the fact of the matter is that they're much cheaper. You can save 30 percent or more by buying by the bag. If you want to save even more money, weigh those bags, because there's a big difference between the lightest bag and the heaviest bag. By picking the heaviest bag, you're saving more money.

3.  Avoid Pre-Cut Food

People don't realize the markups on these convenience foods could be 300 percent or more. The only exception is if having to chop means you'll eat out instead.

4.  Buy More Store Brands

You can save up to sixty percent by buying store brand foods. The secret's out! Store brands are competitive with the national brands. Consumer Reports did a lot of taste tests and found that a lot of store brand foods taste as good or even better than the big brand foods.

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