4 Hacks to Organize Your Fridge for Under $5

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By: Donna Ruko | Cassarah Coffey | Laurel Portie Posted: 8:00 PM, Sep 21, 2016

Did you know a trip to your local dollar store could actually save you from a messy fridge? Donna Ruko has three awesome hacks, all for under $5!

1.  Eat Me Bin

For this hack, use a small, inexpensive box and write the day of the week the items will go bad. Then, fill it up and now you’ll know what needs to be eaten first so no food goes to waste.

2.  Pin Your Bottle

Pick up a six-pack of large clothes pins and simply clip the neck to keep bottles from rolling. This is the perfect hack to keep from spilling wine.

3.  Condiment Collector

This hack takes your $1 ice tray from the freezer, to the fridge. Arrange all your condiment packets into the little cubbies so they are organized and easy to grab on the go.

4.  Clip Your Bags

Use office supplies to free up shelf space in your refrigerator. Simply clip your small bags to the front corners of your shelves. Make sure the items aren't too heavy for the clip.

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