4 new ways to secure your digital life

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By: Todd Covelli Posted: 5:31 PM, Jul 24, 2017

With a new year comes new viruses and hacking issues, but you can make a resolution to tighten up your tech. Jared Cotter and Data Doctors' Ken Colburn have three new ways to secure your digital life.

1.  Get Apps From Trusted Source

Stick to the standard app stores like Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Then, grab a free anti-virus smartphone application like Lookout. It’s free and works great.

2.  Protection at Charging Stations

Those free charging stations at the airport and coffee shop aren't always safe. The bad guys have figured out how to infiltrate these stations — when you plug in to charge, you're basically giving them access to your phone. If you have the handy Porta Pow data block you'll be protected. Pick up a two-pack for around $13.

3.  Two Step Authentication

For the ultimate in security the Yubikey physically secures your information. Think of it like needing a pin for your ATM card. This gives you the opportunity to set that up so that even if someone gets your laptop, they can't get in without this device. Pick one up for around $40.

4.  Secure Your Home Network

Secure your home network with the free Open DNS software. It protects you from identity theft, malware and blocks sketchy content. Just go to opendns.com, make one change to settings on your router, and suddenly you have the full complement of all their protection.

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