4 of the Best Bad Lip Reading Videos About Politics

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:37 PM, Dec 22, 2017

Politics can be funny, sometimes, but you've never seen it as funny as this. You probably had an eye on the Presidential Inauguration, this past January. But, one group of people that had an even closer eye on the festivities: the masterminds behind the YouTube page, Bad Lip Reading.

The group's hilarious video, featuring incredible, almost perfect, new dialogue synced to the political players at the event, became one of the most viral on YouTube this year; so, take a trip down Inauguration Day memory lane with this clip that really gives you a look at what your favorite (or not so favorite) politicians were really saying the whole event long:

But this historic day wasn't the only time Bad Lip Reading gave us a viral look at the words our country's politicians were really saying. Here are 3 more hilarious videos from BLR that made it easier to get through all the debates, conventions, and "fake news" of the political year – and made them all a lot funnier too.

1. Debate Night

Before we could get to Inauguration Day, we had to get through a few Presidential Debates. In BLR's hilarious take on the important night, the debate was turned into a game show where then-candidate Donald Trump and candidate Hilary Clinton participated in buzzer style games like "I Can Do This", "Five Favorites", and "Honestly Now".

Why aren't debates more like this, all the time?

2. The First Republican Debate

And way before the Presidential Debates, were the potential candidate debates. In this lip reading video, BLR tells the public what they really wanted to know about the Republican candidates: Chris Christie's favorite childhood snack, what tuna melts do to Donald Trump's tummy, and how musically talented the candidates really were.

3. The First Democratic Debate

And just like the Republican candidates, the Democratic candidates also got their time to shine in BLR's spotlight, like in this great clip that turns the debate into a competition of who can list the most nouns, who makes the best drawings, and who can make the most hilarious noises for the longest.

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