4 Outdoor Energy-Burning Toys for Summer

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By: Brian Corsetti | Todd Covelli Posted: 5:31 PM, Jun 7, 2016

Chances are, it didn't take much to get you to go out and play as a kid. These days, tablets and video games are keeping more kids on the couch. Toy expert, Elizabeth Werner, wants to change that. She met up with Brian Corsetti to show off four outdoor toys that will keep the little ones having fun, while staying active!

1.  Mobo Mity

This three-wheeler gets your two to five-year-old on the road early, and actually grows with them. The low profile makes them feel safer, and it will give them a quite a workout. It assembles with only one screw, no tools required. You can get it at Toys-R-Us for $99.

2.  Spooner Freestyle Board

It’s like a skateboard, but safer. It teaches your three to six-year-old balance, while giving them a core workout. It's made entirely in the USA and was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank earlier this year. You can purchase one on Amazon, as well as specialty toy shops everywhere, for about $45.

3.  Belly Bump Ball

These inflatable suits snuggle your kids while they run into each other and bounce. They’re for kids aged six and up, and even come in grown up sizes. They’re a little over $100 for a set of two.

4.  Space Scooter

This is not like the scooter you had as a kid for ages five and up. It works like a teeter totter; the faster you move, the faster you go. You can grab one on Amazon for around $99.

This summer it’s time to get the kids off of their tablets and phones! These four active play toys will be all the incentive they'll need to get out in the sun, and get in a workout while having fun!

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