4 Pool-Friendly Canned Cocktails We Love

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Posted: 5:05 PM, Jun 12, 2018 Updated: 9:03 AM, Jun 25, 2018

One of the best parts of summer is sipping drinks by the pool. But what happens if you're not allowed to have glass next to the poolside? No worries! According to Travis Garcia, Lead Bartender & Mixologist at Mountain Shadows Resort, pool-friendly canned cocktails are here to save the summer. Here's a list of three of our favorites. 

1. The Moscow Mule 2.0 

The clever can design for the Moscow Mule 2.0 mimics a copper mug, a must for any true mule. Garcia says the canned packaging enhances the flavor and the wonderful aroma that comes from the classic Moscow Mule. A pop of the top releases lime, vodka and ginger beer goodness. You can find the Mule 2.0 at Total Wine for about $11 a four-pack. 

2. Smirnoff's Spiked Watermelon Seltzer 

Not only is our second option surprisingly refreshing, but it also has zero sugar and only 90 calories. Smirnoff's Spiked Watermelon contains an alcohol content of 4.5%, so you don't have to worry about cutting yourself off right away. You can find them in most stores for about $8 a six-pack. 

3. Seven Daughters Canned Rose 

Believe it or not, canned wines are really starting to come out, and such is the case of Seven Daughters Canned Rose. Believe it or not, these are a nice way to get a quick glass or refreshing wine while you're on the go. You can get a four-pack at BevMo for around $13.  

4. Travis' "Paradise Lost" Custom Cocktail 

But if you're looking to showcase your bartending skills by the poolside this summer, then check out Travis' "Paradise Lost" recipe we're already obsessed with. 


2 oz Fortaleza Reposado

1 oz lime juice

0.75 oz mango syrup

0.25 oz lemon juice

Small dash of Sriracha (add to taste)


Rim a glass with Siracha, then roll it through a mixture of kosher salt and sugar in the raw. In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients and add ice. Shake drink vigorously, and then pour into the prepared glass.

Special thanks to our friends at Mountain Shadows Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona for the beautiful location.

Will YOU be trying any of these canned cocktails this summer? Sound off on those comments down below! 

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