4 Reasons You Should Use a Personal Chef at Home

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By: Donna Ruko | Orlando Morales Posted: 8:20 PM, Jul 20, 2016

If you thought personal chefs were only for the rich and powerful, think again, because their becoming more common, more affordable, and provide some interesting benefits. Donna Ruko and Personal Chef, Teresa Hansen, are taking a look at four reasons why you might want to use a personal chef at your home.

1.  Affordable

A personal chef is not as expensive or as invasive as most people think. It actually can be cheaper than going out to a nice meal at a restaurant.

2.  $12-$14 Per Meal

On average charge 12 to 14 dollars per meal, and you can have that convenient for you when you need. So if you only need one meal one week, or one snack to replace then a personal chef can accommodate that.

3.  Wasted Food Each Year = $650

A lot of food is wasted. On average Americans trash upwards of 650 dollars per year, and not to mention the time that it took to secure those ingredients.

4.  Convenient

Many households hiring personal chefs enjoy cooking for their families the majority of the week, but everyone deserves a break every now and then, and this way it keeps you out of the restaurants, and ensures that you have a fresh, healthy, chef prepared meal.

They’ll do your grocery shopping, they'll wash the dishes, and they'll even take out the garbage. Personal chefs are taking the culinary industry by storm, and now can have one of your own!

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