4 safety gadgets on the market you should be using

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 9:55 PM, Aug 25, 2017

Being outdoors for exercise or sports is always a good time – but if something goes wrong or someone gets hurt, you want to be prepared. Stay protected while you're out and about; Jared Cotter's got 4 gadgets to keep you safe, no matter what you're up to, or where your adventures take you.

1. Shonin Streamcam

If you're exercising after dark, you can do it with piece of mind when you pick up the Shonin Streamcam. The waterproof, lightweight camera clips to a shirt or bag and records you while you're out and about. Use it to record your path on a new hiking path to help you get back home or to deter unlawful activity.

Preorder the Streamcam on Indiegogo for around $150.

2. Prevent Biometrics Mouth Guard

Made for those that play contact sports, this smart mouth guard keeps tracks of any hits to your head. Connected to an app, the mouth guard records impact force, location, and keeps a log of all the hits you might have taken, helping you take control of protecting yourself on the playing field; and prevent you from having a concussion go undiagnosed.

To grab a mouth guard for yourself, your team or association, send an inquiry to their website to see if you can get them.

3. Cosmo Connected

If you ride motorcycles, this brake light can get help faster in the event of an accident. The light sticks to the back of your helmet, putting your brakes at eye-level with motorists behind you. And if you do get in an accident, the light attached to your helmet will notify emergency services of your location, as well as any emergency contact you program into its app.

Stay safe and connected by grabbing the Cosmo Connected for around $83.

4. Magpie

For those looking to keep an eye on kids or pets that like to wander, consider grabbing Magpie, one of the smallest, smartest, most affordable GPS services out there. You can clip it or hook it onto just about anything you want to keep track of – keys, bikes, you name it. You can even use the app to create a safe zone with boundaries and get alerts when your Magpie gets outside of those boundaries.

Grab a Magpie for around $50 on Kickstarter.

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